Green Initiatives
& Sustainability

We know the best way to reduce waste is by designing waste out of our products from the beginning.

Our vision is a circular future in which the very concept of waste can be reduced and treated ecologically. We are eliminating waste wherever we can, beginning by designing waste out of our products and optimizing our manufacturing processes. We know that making these key design and process shifts are critical to us achieving our goal of cutting our environmental impact.

Our aim is to reimagine the way business can change the world As a business, we rely on a world where people and the environment thrive. Like other global businesses, we recognize that we contribute to and have the opportunity to address systemic social and environmental challenges. We are committed to augmenting business value, minimizing our environmental impact and working with all sectors to achieve progress on global goals. Core Sustainability Focus Areas Water recycling through STP - Our Padalam factory is equipped to recycle 55,000 litres of water per day through sewage treatment plants.

Rainwater harvesting - Our factories have harvested over 80,000 litres of rain water as per our 2019 report.

Bio-culture waste treatment - Our factories are also equipped with bio-culture waste treatment plants to reduce the impact on the environment.

Operational Eco-Efficiency through softwares - To reduce wastage of way material during the initial stage of cutting, we use efficient garment mapping softwares to reduce waste right from the start.

Small Initiatives = Big Impact - Improving Supply Chain Working Conditions and switching to more efficient and environment friendly alternatives in power usage, efficient lighting panels across all our units/offices, re-use of scraps, fabric rolls and end bits for various requirements around the factory  and save water awareness drives amongst employees along with other initiatives collectively making a huge impact in our goal towards a sustainable fashion future.

Green Evolv Team - Our Green Evolv team focusses on assessing Evolv’s opportunities to advance progress on the sustainable development goals, and review how our goals align with the global targets and how to get one step further, integrate sustainability into our business, set more ambitious goals and make progress toward our commitments.

We are always innovating. Not only what we make, but how we make it. Catalyzing and evolving with changing trends is how we come up with new ways to solve problems.

By embracing the challenge of working beyond finite natural resources, we are pushing the limits of creativity and design. This is being done with mindful innovations. For us, scraps are valuable resources. We believe every ounce of material sourced to make our products should be put to good use.