What we do

Design to delivery &
everything in between.

If we can change how we design for a better world, maybe we can change everything. From design to delivery and every step in between.


We help interpret your vision. Taking ideas from your perspective and turning it into reality.

Nobody has the golden answer : Our questions about our own processes and learning from others moves us all forward.

If we can change how we design for a better world, maybe we can change everything.

The future demands a transition to a circular & sustainable fashion - a world in which materials can be used and reused at their highest potential. The Evolv design innovation called on designers, engineers, tailors, and suppliers to join us in creating a more sustainable future. Specifically, we look at like-minded organisations around the globe to partner with us in addressing two questions:

Design with purpose: How might we create innovative products that add value to the fashion industry.

Material Recovery:
How might we adapt new technologies to advance garment recycling/reuse or have an increased lifespan?

We at Evolv understand the importance of a brand's DNA. An important part of our initial design process is to align with the customer’s DNA and form a trend conception around it. We understand that limited resources demand a transition to a circular fashion industry, a world in which materials can be sustainable and viable enough for the tomorrow - and that's why we have an in-house design team to look after it. Evolv consistently encourages designers to question assumptions at every stage of the design process, from concept to execution. Nothing is off-limits.


We have developed an extensive system of research and development to help us evolve with the changing trends.

Complete product development has always been at the core of Evolv's process. Our team of designers through in-depth research and trend-spotting, develop complete lines for our customers - from style conceptualization to sourcing and creating new fabric and trims, to offering the latest garment treatments and finishes as well as developing graphics for various techniques of prints and embroideries, specific to each customers' unique look and requirement. The best way to source better is to reduce waste and design it out of the products from the start. Each product and process is a result of extensive research on sustainability and new technology. The range of products covers shirts, bottoms, dresses, jackets, jumpsuits and other ready-to-wear apparel for both men & women.

Research focused sourcing & prototyping for each customer.

Rethinking how we produce our garments and use our raw material requires creativity. It also needs a step-change in both mindset and approach. Prototyping plays an important role as the samples are designed with an orientation to feasibility for bulk production and development is based on customer price points. Evolv has an in-house sampling unit with dedicated teams working on research-focused development for each customer. Our development and technical teams pay close attention to client requirements and add value to the whole process right at the beginning.

Evolv has recently incorporated CLO3D, a virtual 3D development software to minimise sampling time, contribute towards waste reduction and improve speed to market.

Over the years, our size may have evolved, but one underlying idea has stayed the same - the client is at the centre of everything we do.


Over 1,36,000 sq. ft. of production area with more than 2.2 million garments produced annually.

The Future of garment manufacturing is to create products that are designed with purpose, are sustainable and ethically made.

Lean Management Framework
One of our priorities has been the role lean manufacturing can play in creating a workplace culture that prioritizes workers' health and safety, and human resources management systems focused on continuous improvement, building workers' skills and empowering them to identify opportunities to improve overall production.

Our logistics centres are managed to the highest international standards.

With a global network of logistic partners and close anchorage of Chennai & Tuticorin Port, Evolv handles everything from sourcing materials from different parts of the world to coordinating expedited shipping plans for a quick turnaround time. Through an independent 32,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art warehouse built in accordance with the C-TPAT norms for enhanced security and ensuring timelines from order placement to delivery, Evolv has designed the whole process to be nimble and hassle-free for its customers.

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