Sustainability is no longer an ‘option’.

With only a decade left to transform how we consume the planet’s resources, the Higg is on a mission to change that. Bringing together decades of experience in sustainability, technology, and consumer goods, Higg’s integrated digital platform enables brands, retailers, and manufacturers to accelerate progress. At Evolv, our sustainability goals drives everything, from the suppliers […]

People at Evolv – Meet Saranya

Here’s what Mrs. Saranya from the Finishing Department has to say about her time at Evolv: “I have been working at Evolv for 2 years now. My son is learning karate, my daughter goes for dance classes and this job helps me pay for them. I don’t have to depend on my husband for my […]

Sustainable Packaging

We believe in not just making our products sustainable, but also the way they are packaged. We have moved to using paper reinforcement tapes that are anti-pilferage, made of multilayer paper and reinforced with water activated glue. They are tamper-proof and more sustainable than the traditional printed plastic packaging tapes.

Advanced automated machinery

Evolv’s purpose is to inspire and support innovative manufacturing solutions that helps in creating a sustainable fashion future. In the pursuit to inspire technological innovation, we try to bring in new technologies and keep transforming our manufacturing processes. A recent addition in manufacturing automation has helped us reach our targets before time and deliver even […]

Intelligent pattern design

Intelligent pattern design, marker making and production planning, the @gerbertech Pattern-Making Software allows us to make patterns and markers digitally with ease. It helps us meet our delivery timelines and provides efficient fabric yield. #TechTuesday

HIGG Index

As part of our commitment to make a meaningful impact on the fashion industry, we are registered on the HIGG index. HIGG offers a set of tools that help measure environmental and social impact of products and apparel companies. This helps consumers decide on their individual sustainability goals and drive collective industry transformation. For our […]

CO Partnership

We are so glad to share that we are now a #COPartner Member. Opening up the industry for us with connections and insights to succeed in fashion business – sustainably. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get back to doing what we love, but better