COVID-19 Update

Encouraging safe working practices and enforcing workplace standards. Covering all our bases with stringent safety protocols that keep our work force safe and feeling confident to deliver their best work.

Progress on Renewable energy target (RET)

Covering 7265 sq ft of the roof at our Padalam unit, these solar panels are meant to provide 30% of yearly energy requirement with an expected harvest of 98 KW of solar energy. Currently a work in progress, this will take us another step closer to our sustainability goals. #SustainWithEvolv More updates coming..

Water Treatment Plant

#WorldEarthDay After a 6 step treatment process, all the waste water generated at our facility is used to nurture our gardens. We believe in imbibing sustainability throughout our facility, thus ensuring as little of our resources are misspent or disused. Our water treatment is chemical free and done with organic filtration process using yogurt, jaggery, […]