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Who made your clothes?

How to step away from the fast fashion culture? 🧵 Support local artisans and manufacturers.🧵 Wear garments through their life cycle.🧵 Mend them when needed.🧵 Buy from brands who have ethical manufacturers. You can be certain that when you choose @evolvclothingcompany your clothes are being made by happy, empowered people. #FashionRevolution

People At Evolv – Bhuvaneshwari, Operator

“I’ve been working at Evolv in the Production Department for 6 years. My family was struggling when I first arrived, but I was able to pay off all of our debts and even purchase a house with the money I earned. After coming here, I learned how to attach a zipper, close a loop, and…

Quality Control At Evolv

Our QC inspectors at Evolv follow a checklist to verify that our company’s high standards are maintained. Here are some of the factors we consider when inspecting each garment: • Assuring that the garment’s dimensions match the sizes specified.• Pull, fatigue, and stretch tests are used to test buttons, zippers, and other accessories.• Density and…

World Enviroment Day

On the eve of World Environment Day, our team at the Padalam factory grounds planted 15 saplings to honour the running theme of “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature.” We believe in doing our part to implement constructive solutions and combat the climate breakdown.⁠ 🌱 #OnlyOneEarth 

We Love Organic Cotton

We may not realise it, but cotton is the most widely used fabric on the planet, accounting for more than half of all fibre requirements. Cotton growers use artificial techniques and excessive pesticide use to keep up with this demand. Organic cotton is softer, more hypoallergenic, and lasts longer than conventional cotton. The most significant…

Evolv around the World

Apparel Textile Sourcing, Miami – ATSM 2019 Evolv Clothing Company exhibited with top exhibitors from the world’s major manufacturing countries supplying the Miami apparel market with Finished Apparel, Textiles, Fabrics, and Fashion. Know more about ATSM Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012 Participating in the Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012 was truly an unforgettable experience. Not only…

World Earth Day 2022

At Evolv, we embrace the challenge of working beyond finite natural resources and push the limits of creativity and design. This is done with mindful innovations. We believe every ounce of material sourced to make our products should be put to good use 🌎. #WorldEarthDay Featured here: Upcycled lunch bags made out of fabric bits. Visit…

Say Hello to breezy fabrics

Say goodbye to winter warm fabrics and hello to breezy fabrics. Here are some of the reasons we adore our organic cotton products at this time of the year ☀️: • Allows your skin to breathe• Fabric is absorbent & weatherproof• Chemical-free & naturally produced• Long-lasting