Closer Look – NGA Atelier

We believe sustainability isn’t a compromise, it’s a necessity – and at Evolv, we follow the best sustainable practices to support No Grey Area in achieving this goal.

The world we live in is as important as the products we make. Processes at No Grey Area are yet to be fully sustainable. For this, we have set goals and are working towards achieving a circular or zero-waste supply chain.

We pay close attention to the entire process, all the way from design through to finishing. When someone walks in to shop an NGA product, they should know each piece has been responsibly sourced, expertly crafted and made to last.

In the manufacturing process, each element of the product is carefully studied and assessed for eventual output, before running the final production on the line.

At NGA, the team spends months on research, to source the most ethical and sustainable fabrics for the collections. From ethically sourced Silk, Supima cotton to Bemberg, a continuous effort is made to limit the amount of chemicals and water used in the production of each collection. A lot of time and effort are put into all the trims and labels including certified zippers that will stand the test of time. All the threads are made from recycled PET bottles; the labels and buttons are made of recycled polyester.

Based at Evolv’s Padalam factory, The NGA Atelier has been specially set up to cater to the high-quality requirement of the luxury fashion brand. The atelier is equipped with best-in-class machines to produce premium quality garments in knit as well as woven categories.